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About our online store

We’re the Turkish artisans behind premium wooden firearm grips. With 2000mt² indoors and 4000mt² outdoors dedicated to crafting excellence, we specialize in customized grips for Beretta, Browning, Colt 1911, and CZ. Our masterful blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design guarantees not just a stunning look but an unmatched shooting experience. Embrace individuality; design your grip from wood type to finishing touches—it’s your unique mark on a timeless piece.


While we excel at creating wooden pistol grips in Turkey, we don’t stop there. Our R&D ventures into innovative products like adhesive tape bands for Polymer body Pistols and rifles. What sets us apart is our mastery of woodwork. Whether it’s gun dealers, shooting ranges, wholesalers, or pistol brands, we cater to customized orders. Our brand portfolio extends beyond the classics, ensuring a diverse range of firearm enthusiasts find their perfect grip solution with us.